When Easter falls on April Fool's Day

April fools.jpg

April Fool's Day landed on a Sunday this year, which robbed many offices pranksters of the opportunity to mess with their colleagues.  If that's you, did you find a way to fool your family?

And you might have been fooled into over-indulging; food, beverages, family and friends.  If you're feeling a little sluggish today then it's time to get moving!

Today, aim to walk as much as possible:

  • Offer to pick up someone else's printing or fax.
  • Offer to go get a coffee refill for a colleague.
  • Walk that email up to Accounting.
  • Walk that special order over to Dispatch and explain in person what your text was trying to convey.  

The goal is simply to move. So go on, and hope that non of your coworkers decided to keep pranking today, like this office:

April Fool's GIF.gif