How long will it take?


The number one challenge most of our clients face is unrealistic expectations.  Seems like everyone wants it faster and cheaper.  What's a professional to do?

Try this:

  • The Customer doesn't know your process, so make time to share (in a non-defensive tone) what steps are involved.
  • Ask questions to understand their needs so that you can provide options
  • Aim for open-ended questions: "How will you be using this chart, ppt, program, data?" 
  • Tell them what's in it for them to answer your questions: " we can come up with some options". 
  • Then share the options and allow them choose, like in this video
    • "We can provide a comic book ready drawing of Spiderman in 10 minutes or a rough draft in 10 seconds, which do you prefer?"
    • "We can provide a fully translated and proofed document in 6 hours, or just the translation in 3 hours.  Which do you prefer?

You can't manage customers, but you can manage expectations.