What Do You Do Next?

Do you have callers that try to pick a fight?  Perhaps they start with one of these phrases.

  • "You people"
  • "Put me through to your Manager"
  • "@@#$%^%&"

How do you respond to those phrases?  If you react and get defensive, then you might need a new strategy.   Try these steps. 

Step 1:  Identify it, own it.   My name is Ann and it makes me defensive when the caller starts the call with 'you people'.
Step 2:  Laugh at it.  "You people", that's funny, what else would we be?  Cats? Dogs? haha. 
Step 3:  Handle it.  Treat the call the way you do the other 95% of your calls.  Having a sense of humor takes the sting out of the phrase and allows you to be your usual awesome self.
Step 4:  Note it.  After the call, high five yourself for overcoming a hurdle.

You people....good grief, that is so funny!