If it bleeds, it leads...

Negativity is contagious and can bring the whole team down. And you know you can’t change other people -  however, you can influence them.    

But how?

None of us like being told what to do, so rather than tell others to “cheer up, be happy, smile, it’s a great day”, etc., try instead to be a positive force.  That doesn’t mean over-the-top unicorns and rainbows, that can get annoying.  It does mean choosing to find the silver lining and choosing to have a good day for yourself.

One very effective and well-documented way to be more positive is to be grateful. Consider a gratitude journal, or identifying 3 things you are grateful for each day, but in this moment try using your feet.

Next time you get up from your chair (coffee, copier, lunch break etc.) say ‘thank’ when you plant your right foot, and ‘you’ when you plant your left foot. 

Fill in the blank for what follows that.  

  • Thank you for Dunkin' Donuts
  • Thank you for my awesome dog
  • Thank you for my kids having a good first week at school 

Your turn!