Whoa....slow down!

This time of year, it seems everyone is in a rush.

Whoa...slow down for a minute! 

When you rush your greeting, you send the message to the caller that they are not that important. Your pace is saying you're too busy or unable to give the caller your full attention.  

 Yes, you may be busy, but don't announce that to your callers or they might:

  • Get tougher to deal with;
  • Ask to speak to your boss;
  • Consider talking to the competition.

None of these are good.

Try this tip.  Move your lips to clearly enunciate the words in this phrase:

"Running reindeer romp 'round red wreaths

How'd you do?

My guess is that you were successful and you did it by slowing down.

This week, focus on saying your greeting slowly and see what reaction it inspires from your callers.

Special Note:  We're having a Pay it ForWARD contest on facebook.  There are individual and team prizes.  Simply share a pic or a post of what you've done for someone else and you will be entered. 

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