Yes and...

A while ago I read Tina Fey’s book, ‘Bossypants’.   She cracks me up!

Tina wrote about lessons she learned doing improvisation and comedy and I think the techniques would serve all of us in customer service world, well.

Rule #1:  Listen carefully to what your acting partner is saying.

Rule #2:  Say yes and to everything.

Rule #3: Make them look good.  I.e. offer up something they can work with.


Here’s how it might sound on stage at the improv.

Actor 1:  I’m taking a bus and driving to the moon.

Actor 2:  Yes and I’ll come with you.  We should stop and get some crackers and wine with us, you know to go with the cheese!


Here’s how it might sound over the phone.

Customer:  I need X today.

You:  Yes and I can help. Let me ask you some questions and see what we can do.