Q: What’s the worst thing a dentist can say when he/she is working on your mouth?

A:  “Oops”   Hearing the wrong thing from a professional, at a sensitive time, can make you uneasy.

Now back to your office. What do you say when you are accessing the customer's account or reviewing their information?

  1. Ummmmm  oh, here we go….no that’s not it….ummmmm
  2. Nothing
  3. So, how is your day going.
  4. Sorry our computers are really slow again.
  5. One moment while I access your account.

You got it - 5 is the best answer.

1. Zaps your credibility.

2. Saying nothing leaves the customer hanging.

3. Making small talk and not being able to listen to their responses will irritate the customer.

4. No need to throw the computers under the bus!

Keep yours customers updated on what you are doing, this is more likely to put them at ease and reassure them that they are in good hands.