All the world’s a stage

Perhaps William Shakespeare said it best, “All the world’s a stage.”

And if we are merely actors, here are a few instances that acting will help you do, feel and be better at work.

When you answer the phone

Act as if this is the most important call of the day

 When the caller is upset

Act as if you will be able to handle the call

When the caller is concerned

Act (think) like you know them.  Have a picture of a typical customer on the wall and look at the picture to remind yourself that it’s a real human with real needs.

When the caller has a challenging issue

Act as if you are an expert and that you can help (see Superman to the rescue). You will be surprised how much you really do know when you get your nerves out of the way.

When you are getting too comfortable in your chair

Act like an athlete and do some warm-ups.  A couple of squats or arm swirls might help.

When you are trying to sell or upsell

Act like a talk show host and ask questions that help you get to know the customer and their particular needs.


At Walt Disney World they have signs on mirrors behind the doors that read “Smile you are going on stage” 

What do you do to help prepare for great interactions?