Presenting with Impact


Effective client presentations need to be audience-centered, goal-oriented and engaging, that’s why we designed Presenting with Impact. This workshop helps participants transform their content into a structure and style that the audience wants to hear. Participants examine three phases of successful presentations and apply new thinking to upcoming or recent presentations.


As a result of completing Presenting with Impact, participants will be able to:

  • Speak and communicate their message more clearly
  • Build rapport, trust and credibility with customers
  • Create audience-centered presentations
  • Engage the audience effectively


  • Welcome Activity
  • Participant baseline presentations
  • Preparing for the Presentation
    • Understanding the ‘4 Ps’
    • Creating an audience-centered message
  • Designing the Presentation
  • Catch
    • Effective Openings
    • BOATG
  • Captivate
    • Effective and Engaging Delivery Techniques
      • Voice
      • Language
      • Image
  • Close
    • Handling Q & A
    • Finishing Strong
    • Managing Challenges




Handouts, activities, worksheets and tip sheet

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