Customer Service Training

More than ever, service is the only sustainable competitive advantage. 

Did you know that 80% of organizations believe they deliver excellent customer service, but only 8% of their customers agree?

Hop in our Jeep and experience your service through your customers’ lenses. You’ll discover the moments that in a flash can create a negative memory and learn techniques to instead create powerful, positive experiences. 

We can help you get your customers to ROAR about your great service with the Customer Service Safari™.

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Why Should You Choose our Safari?

We’ve worked with individuals and teams from over 100 companies, in dozens of industries; we’ve been on a lot of journeys and we know the path to success.

We start with a tour of your jungle to learn what matters most to you.  We look for the traps, hurdles or gaps that need bridging. Then we guide your team and give you the map.

Participants leave the safari motivated and excited to try on their new skills.  We offer virtual reminders and refreshers to keep the learning alive.

What Should You Expect?

Safari participants will laugh like hyenas as they learn to navigate the quicksand they get stuck in.  They'll be excited to learn how to build bridges not barricades.  And they'll leave the session motivated to try new skills.

We use experiential activities and role-playing to build muscle memory that helps them respond instinctively and more effectively back in their natural habitat.


The Impact of Customer Service

55% of business leaders expect to compete on service in 2020 compared to 9% on price. 

The Customer Service Safari™ can help your company attract new customers and ensure the old ones return often to the watering hole.

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