CS Safari Base Camp™

The most important thing the first line manager can do is observe and coach their team to be attentive to customers. Most leads, supervisors and managers have never been given the training to provide motivating, effective, specific feedback. Base Camp Training, changes that. Participants learn the critical role they play in impacting customer care and learn the skills to deliver feedback in a way that improves performance and protects your customer service training investment.


  • Set specific goals and objectives
  • Identify opportunities to spot effective and ineffective behaviors.
  • Practice giving positive feedback to boost morale and performance and feedback for improvement that changes behavior.
  • Be more comfortable in having performance conversations.


  • Introduction and Welcome Activity
  • The benefits of feedback and coaching
  • Using the SBI model for feedback
  • Practical application
  • Using the GROW model for coaching
  • Practical application
  • Challenging Situations


Guidebook, worksheets, activities and pith helmet.

After completing Base Camp Training, Managers will receive a weekly email to support and reinforce their new or enhanced skills.