Our Process

Training is the transfer of knowledge from a facilitator to a participant. Our goal is to have your people do something differently in the classroom and after we leave. 
Here’s how we ensure that happens.


Annonphone glasses.png

Call us! We’ll have a conversation about how your people are performing now and where you would like them to be. We’ll assess the situation and offer you some options in a written proposal.



Next, we like to eavesdrop a bit in your world; listen to some recorded calls or talk to some people on the front line so that we can gather real examples of types of situations they face.  Once we’ve gathered that information, we mix your needs with our tried and true past workshops and create a session just for you. Sort of like having your own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor.  Yum!!!



After we coordinate the best date, time, and place we’ll deliver fun, engaging and impactful in-person training. 
We believe in learning paths vs. training events. Let’s find the right amount of pre-work: videos, assessments and articles to prepare learners for workshops and clinics that let participants try on new skills and get meaningful feedback. That’s way better than simply becoming aware of a concept!



Most traditional training ends in the classroom and unfortunately the learning does too.  Not ours! We offer a variety of follow-up activities to reinforce new skills, supply on-going motivation and protect your investment.