You can't take it (home) with you

Teacher Tips Work Life Balance.png

It doesn’t take much for work stress to bleed into your home life, isolating you from the people you care about most.

To disengage and recharge, be deliberate about refocusing your attention at the end of the day.

  • Create a little ritual to help you make the mental transition from work to home. Whatever it is, the ritual should be a tangible reminder that you’re setting aside the day’s stress until tomorrow.

  • It may be useful to make gratitude part of the ritual, since research has shown that feeling grateful for the things in your life can reduce stress.

  • You should also talk to your family members about why you’re stressed out, explaining that they aren’t the cause. Being open about your struggles can build feelings of closeness and help your family understand what you need right now.

  • Find someone to vent to, whether it’s a trusted friend, a colleague, or a coach. The person can be a sounding board and provide valuable advice.

You deserve to take a break at the end of the day. Set a plan to recharge so you can be ready to rock tomorrow!