Find your calm in the storm

calm after storm.jpg

When our jobs are at their most hectic, our approach to work can shift from “How do I get everything done?” to “How do I survive this?”

To cope with intense times, try a few strategies:

  • Reward yourself for finishing a tough task (like writing a report) by completing an easy task (like running an errand). This will help you pace yourself and ensure your brain gets a break while you stay productive.

  • Motivate yourself with the pleasurable parts of hard projects. If you don’t love writing reports but do enjoy editing, let yourself look forward to when you’ll clean up and improve your text.

  • Use small scraps of time for mental rest. When you’re forced to do nothing for a few minutes — whether before a meeting starts or in line at the grocery store — take some slow breaths, drop your shoulders, and unwind.

[Adapted from “How to Get Through an Extremely Busy Time at Work,” by Alice Boyes]

How do you keep calm during the busy season?