"Fail" is not a 4-letter word

Comeback kid.jpg

Whether it’s missing a deadline, falling short on a sales goal, or accidentally hitting “reply all” on an email – oof! – no one is perfect.

Hard work (and being human) comes with peaks and valleys, but your outlook can be the difference between a setback and an #epicfail. When you embrace and learn from failures, you will:

  • Build an open and honest team, because who needs fear and shame?

  • Promote creativity and risk-taking. Play big, win big.

  • Help your team to see failures as opportunities and rally.

So how do we come back from failure? Here’s how:

  1. Own up. “I apologize, I had the deadline for this project set to the wrong date on the calendar.”

  2. Offer suggestions. “We can either work late to make this deadline or ask for an extension.”

  3. Make a change. “How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?”

When L’s become W’s, there’s no better comeback story.

We want to hear one of yours! Share it with us at ann@wardcertified.com.