It's like a family here…


Sometimes your colleagues can be like annoying siblings. But what can we do?

  • Remember you don’t have to like everyone. It is called ‘work’.

  • Try to see the job or situation from their point of view. Why might they be doing that thing that annoys you? 

    • Perhaps they are asking a lot of questions because that information is required in their role. 

    • Maybe they are late getting you information because they are receiving it late from someone else.

    • It might be that they really like when someone smiles and offers a chipper “Good Morning!” because they like that.

  • Have a conversation with them and try to reboot the relationship. Delete the cache, which may contain baggage or negativity from past interactions. Start fresh by asking for their advice on a situation, project, or communication.

    • “Hey Bart, you’ve been at the company longer than me. I’m having a tough time with all the changes, how are you keeping up? Have you got any advice for me?”

 We find whatever we’re looking for. Look for the best in others.

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