Copyright: Etsy.com

Copyright: Etsy.com

Happy almost-Fourth-of-July!

It’s that time of year when the boss gets to wear an apron and BBQ burgers for the team, right?  (Psst! If you’re not planning a summer event for your team, you should – nudge, nudge!)

Often we book those company outings looking at the corporate calendar vs. people’s calendars.  Then we wonder why attendance is low.
This year, plan the dates before you plan the activity. Use software like Doodle to get buy-in on the date and time, then plan away.
Tip: By the way, volunteering is a great way to build teamwork, make Gen X's and Gen Y's happy, and help the world.

P.S.- You can buy that apron on etsy.

P.P.S.- Happy July! Check out our new Program of the Month: Presenting with Impact.