Dream Job?


Researchers for the New York Times found in a survey of thousands of employees that the jobs that make us the happiest aren't necessarily our dream jobs. Good news, because we can't all work at Black Labs and Coffee incorporated! The research identified 4 key characteristics and we'll share one a week, with examples, for the rest of the month. 

Tip #1: Renewal Taking a break every 1.5 hours is more productive than taking no breaks (or even just a lunch break) during the day, and can raise higher creativity and health levels. 

Putting it into Practice

  • Start a team-wide goal to do three squats every hour.  
  • Encourage people to take lunch.  How?  Be an example and make sure you take lunch.
  • Set a timer at the start of an task.  When the timer buzzer goes off, start a new task or do something physical for 5 minutes then head back to the task.  Oh ya, start the timer again.

Simply breaking the trend of sitting and typing can be useful not just for profits, but for your entire office's well-being.