Employees deserve love, too


Happy Valentine's Day!

Although it's often thought to only apply to romantic relationships, V-day is a great chance to show everyone around that you care. 

This month, Forbes published a list of four ways to remind your team that they are valued: 

  1. Intentional conversationsTry going for coffee or stopping by their desk and have a conversation that starts with "What are you working on?"  Choose a curious tone vs a judgemental tone.
  2. Show them they're neededWrite an email to someone outside of your team and mention the positive actions of someone on your team.  CC that person.
  3. Challenge them: Share a project you are working on and ask if they'd like to help with part of it.  Then ask what part. 
  4. Recognize their individuality: Stop by their desk, look them in the eye and thank them, sincerely for a task they did that required effort. 

Better than chocolate?  Yes, because these tips won't give you cavities or add to your middle.  

How do you share the love?