Kick that stinkin' thinkin'

Turkey trot.jpg

From gridlock Thanksgiving Day traffic to spilled coffee, we’ve all been there. It’s that single bad event that snowballs into a negative attitude all day, and suddenly your co-workers & team members are hiding from you. Did you just sprout fangs?  

Save yourself and those around you, and kick that stinkin’ thinkin’

·      “I’m going to eat turkey soon and nothing can ruin my day!” When your thoughts start going south, choose a go-to mantra that’s fun and will bring perspective to the situation.

·      Go back to 3rd grade gym class and give yourself a do-over. Acknowledge it happened, start over, and move on!

So unlike 3rd grade gym class, you won’t sling a dodge ball at anyone’s face, however tempting it might be.

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Ward Certified! 

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