When you're happy and they know it

When there’s change, there’s also a lot of stuff happening that’s out of your control.  What can help is to focus on what you can control.
What’s that, you ask? Just that little ol’ thing that makes all the difference – your attitude

·      Before you walk into the office, set the tone for the day by putting on a happy face :)

·      When you share changes with your team, set the tone by being upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic.

·      When someone challenges the new process, set the tone by saying “thank you for your question/feedback” and then respond.

Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown and you’ll have plenty of company there, too! The choice is yours.

Smile, breathe, and rock on – you’ve got this!

P.S.- a great use for your leftover Halloween candy is using it to sweeten up change! When you see a team member do something well, give them a 100 grand - candy bar that is.

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