What drives them?

steering wheel.png

Sure, you’re leading the way, but if you don’t know what’s driving your team, you might be heading in the wrong direction. Here’s some help to navigate individual and team success.

Start observing and listening to your employees to find out. Then pick tasks that match that drive.  For example:

  • If they enjoy a challenge or get bored with routine, give them more responsibility, or provide an opportunity for them to lead a team or project.

  • Do they just want to have fun or some flexibility? Let them plan an off-site lunch, schedule a casual dress-day, or, deep breath, here we go, I’m gonna say it…let them go home early!

  • Publicly recognize those who crave validation and to feel valued. Find opportunities to share achievements within the team, with upper management, and even in the company newsletter.

  • If they enjoy time to sink into a task and be analytical, give them a project that requires some research and investigation, and let them put their phone on DND (do not disturb) for a set amount of time.

And you? What do you need?  Don’t forget to let the team know what drives you.