It's written all over your face


Chances are you have a direct report that frustrates you. Perhaps they don't do things quickly enough, accurately enough, creatively enough, or the-way-you-would enough. 

In those moments, you may think you are masking your frustration, but unless you are an elite poker player, they can probably see it in your expression or hear it in your voice.

One solution is to put the task, situation, or project into perspective by rating their action on a scale of possible outcomes.

1 = their action is slowing me down
10 = their action could cause us to lose a customer

If it's closer to a 1, take a breath and let it go. If it's closer to 10, take a breath and make it a teachable moment. In both cases, you are better off taking a breath and thinking about the bigger picture.

Respond don't react.