Being Your Best Self

Maslow famously wrote about what we need to become our best self; he called it becoming "self-actualized."

Here’s what employees need in order to be their best self:

Level 1:  To Be Respected – a greeting, eye contact, recognition of some sort.
Level 2:  To Learn and Grow – tap into your team’s desire to be challenged.  Give them a task that stretches them.
Level 3:  To Be An Insider – let them know what is going on in the industry, the company and their department.  It builds security.
Level 4:  To Do Meaningful Work – share the ultimate purpose of their work.  Link their work to overall company results.
Level 5:  To Be on a Winning Team – set goals for the team and reward them when they meet, or beat, those goals.
What level are you working on today?