Stop, Drop, and Roll

No, it’s not a fire drill.

It’s a quick reminder to show empathy to your employees, so they can give empathy to your customers!

People perform better when they are appreciated and listened to at work. In our workshops, participants experience the extremely powerful feeling of being truly listened to during one of our activities. They claim to love it, they claim it’s easy, but they admit it’s hard to do on-the-job.

Make time today to try this with at least one person:

Stop:  assuming you know what the other person is about to say. 

Drop:  your devices and your agenda. Give your full attention to the other person.

Roll:  with the conversation. Listen well, so you can clarify by asking a follow-up question, or confirm what they are telling you. 

Brought to you by: One a Day, strengthening one relationship at a time.