Managing Up

If I asked your boss to tell me about you, what would they say?

If I asked you about your employees, what would you say about them?

We tend to think our bosses would speak highly of us (‘cause we rock!) but don’t usually speak that highly of those who report to us.  

So, wait!  Does that mean maybe there’s a disconnect between your boss’s perception and your actual behavior?  Could be. 

Answering these questions can help align perception and reality:

1.     Do I understand my boss’s expectations for me?

2.    Does my boss know what I need to meet those expectations?

3.    What have I been saying I’ll do and doing?

4.    What have I been saying I’ll do and not doing?

5.    What have I done and not said that I’ve done?

6.    What have I not said and not done – am I missing opportunities to step up and offer assistance?

7.    When others talk about my boss, whose side do I take?

8.    What could I do to support my manager more effectively?

You spend a lot of time focusing on your team, which is critical.  Take a moment and think up.