Would you rather read this now or later?

Ah, motivation.  Always a hot topic.

Motivation comes from within, and it’s based on these three needs:

-       Autonomy

-       Relatedness

-       Competence

How can you apply these to your team?

Autonomy – When people feel like they are in charge, they’re more motivated.  So next time you assign a project, frame the information or situation in a way that gives them control.

Relatedness – When talking to team members about goals, projects and tasks, share how it helps them, the team, the company, the client and/or the world.

Competence – People feel best when they are learning and growing.   Even learning unrelated to work can improve on-the-job performance.  Encourage team members to follow a passion they have: salsa dancing, guitar lessons, cooking classes or even CrossFit.

More time spent on communicating the work can save time on the work.