Zen Breakfast

Most of us feel behind schedule even before we start our day.  We hurry through countless distractions and work hard at staying focused.  (Baskin and Robbins now serving ticket 65!)

One way to remain calm and centered is to think first, do second.  Yes, really think about what you are doing.   Focusing first helps aim our energy on that task, which improves efficiency and even enjoyment.

 •  Have you ever driven to work and then realized you don’t remember getting there?

•  Written an email, pressed send and then realized it was sent to the wrong person or you missed a piece of information?

•  How about answering the phone when your mind is somewhere else?

Practice this idea of focusing at the breakfast table (yes there is a place in your house to sit and eat breakfast - it doesn’t have to be in the car!).

Pause before you answer the phone.

Stop before you open that next account.

If this feels like hard work, then you really need it.