Wait A Minute...

You want to lead the team and you do THAT in the office?

What's your THAT

  1. Overreacting?
  2. Interrupting?
  3. Rambling?
  4. Toe tapping or drumming your fingers?

Chances are, you have a thing that shows your impatience with people or processes and that thing erodes your credibility and employee engagement.   Your team may feel disrespected.

Here's how to stop:

  1. Become aware of your THAT.  If you don't know what it is, then ask.  If no-one will tell you, it doesn't mean you don't have one, it means you need to ask someone who isn't intimidated enough to share what it is.
  2. Reflect on the moments when you behave that way.  What's the trigger?
  3. Avoid the trigger or come up with a new response to the trigger.
  4. Ask a coach, a colleague or friend to catch you responding the wrong way and redirect you to the new response.

Be kind to yourself as you work on this.  You've likely had this habit for a while and it may take some time to change.  The outcome is a more engaged team, producing at higher levels - so it's worth it!

If you've identified your THAT but struggle with how to stop, email me.  I'm here to help. 

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