Fast, Fun Feedback

How do you like your feedback?

  1. Once a year
  2. Once a quarter
  3. Once a week
  4. Once a day
  5. More than once a day

Another difference across the generations is how often we like feedback.

For Traditionalists (70 years+), no news is good news. 

For Boomers (52 years+), if it helps with job performance, status or promotion, then let me know.

For Gen X (32-51 years), more frequent feedback is better and explain WHY the preferred way is preferred.

Millennials (under 32 in the workplace) were raised on constant feedback and yes, it was mostly positive.  They were set up for success with opportunities for do-overs, rails on their bowling lanes, markers that didn’t color outside the lines.  This is good news!  They are open to fast, to-the-point feedback. 

My favorite tool for instructions and feedback is using the SMART method.  To read more about the impact, read this Forbes article.

Bottom line, give Millennials quick pats on the back and meaningful feedback.  It helps them learn and helps you engage and retain them.