Simplify the Process

Do you talk about going above and beyond for your customers?  Do you ask your team to make each client feel special?  And do you make it easy for them to do so.

On my recent visit to Zappos, I learned that one of their secrets is to simplify the process.  

Their goal is to make a Personal Emotional Connection with everyone who calls. Rather than the usual metrics, they use the “Happiness Experience Form" and track things like:

  • Did the agent try twice to make a personal emotional connection (PEC)?
  • Did they keep the rapport going after the customer responded to their attempt?
  • Did they address unstated needs?
  • Did they provide a “wow experience?”

And along they way, if they discover an opportunity to make that customer's day - they use the handy dandy PEC station right beside their desks. There are a variety of thank you cards, flower, cookies or balloon order forms, construction paper and colorful pens and a mailbox to get those personal touches out to customers right away.

That's Tony, the godfather, my tour guide.  

That's Tony, the godfather, my tour guide.  

Zappos knows that emotion drives people to share with others and they've simplified the process to make those connections. How do you make it easy for your team to go above and beyond?