Managing your Manager

I frequently get asked for tips on how to manage upwards.  Many people say they are micro-managed and they find it de-motivating.  Here’s my recommendation.

  • Find out what motivates your boss.
  • Find out how they measure performance.
  • Seek to understand how much pressure they are under right now.  Chances are, the thing they are asking you about is critical to their boss and they are being measured on that success.

Then, help them.  Proactively go to them to keep them informed. When you establish regular check-ins, you get to choose how you present your message and you can eliminate their feelings of uncertainly about not knowing.
The bottom line is, if you give a person what they need to feel secure (data, details, updates, conversation, feedback, etc.) they can get on doing their job and they will be less ‘needy’.