Specific Goals

We often have great intentions, but lack a little something in our follow-through. Consider this...

Think about something you wanted to do: go to the gym, clean the garage, write a thank you note, but didn’t do.  Why not?  Chances are, your powers of rationalization were so strong you talked yourself out of doing it.  “I’m too tired", "the garage isn’t really that bad", or "it can get done tomorrow.”

The way around this is to make your goal specific, more like:  I will put my shoes by the door and go to the gym at 6am. I will clean the left side wall of the garage on Saturday at 2pm.

Having the specifics makes it more concrete and harder for your brain to argue.

Now, apply this thinking to your team.  Give them specific outcomes so they can argue better with their brains too!


PS - If you're north of the border, your specific goal for today should be: fireworks, food and fun! Happy Canada Day!