Change is Good...

So many of you are dealing with change at work, and are trying to get your team on board.  Here’s some food for thought:

• People resist change, so don’t take it personally.
• Let team members complain by asking for their concerns.  If they don’t share them with you, they are sharing them with each other, and you can bet it's probably in a less positive way.
• Encourage them to focus on solutions in a group setting.  Present the issue, let them vent, then ask, “What can we all do to make this work?”
• Be as open and honest as you can.  Address the straightforward concerns with direct answers, and keep them posted on new information about the change as you receive it.
• Thank them for their efforts.  Don't wait for the whole thing to be a success (that takes too long) but appreciate them along the way for trying.