Are you sitting comfortably?

Your team spends a lot of time sitting - helping them to sit well is important to avoid injury.  Here’s how:

  • Chairs should support the lower back and enable them to sit with a straight back and feet flat on the floor. Invest in adjustable seats.  Find a poster or desk card you can have them look at regularly for reinforcement.
  • Keyboards should be on a flat surface and forearms should be parallel to the floor when typing.  Ideally, the keyboard should be level or tilted slightly away.  Consider adding some foam or a wedge under the keyboard to achieve that angle.
  • The top of the monitor screen should be 2-3” below eye level. Studies show that looking slightly down at the screen is better.
  • Encourage your team to relax their shoulders.  Many cases of injuries begin with neck or shoulder strain and lowering the keyboard and relaxing the shoulders can help.

Stay tuned for our next tip highlighting the most underrated health threat of our modern time and what you can do about it.