More than just a resolution

It's that time of year when we make resolutions. This tip is to help your new goals stick.

Think about something you wanted to do, but didn't: go to the gym, clean the garage, write a thank-you note.  Why didn't it happen?  Chances are, your powers of rationalization were so strong, you talked yourself out of doing it.  “I’m too tired, the garage isn’t really that bad, or it can get done tomorrow”.
The way around this is to make your goal specific.  "I will go to the gym at 6 am and I'll put my shoes by the door." Or, "I will clean the left wall of the garage on Saturday at 2 pm." Having the specifics makes it more concrete and harder for your brain to argue.
What goals have you agreed on with your team?  This tip can help at work, too.  Give your team specific outcomes so they can argue with their brains better. Ask them how they will accomplish the goal, so they can map out the path to their success.

Happy New Year!  

New Year Girl