Body Language

We hear with our ears, but believe with our eyes - which means, what they see is important. As a leader, you will be more effective if you can convey a non-verbal message that matches your verbal message.  That means checking your body language when you are about to offer feedback, run a meeting or ask for their input. 

Here's your 6-point checklist:

  1. Head - held straight for confidence or tilted to show listening - check
  2. Eyes - focus on the triangle of their face (eyes up to forehead) - check
  3. Expression - smile for good news.  If it's not, a frown is best to show concern - check
  4. Shoulders - down and relaxed, exuding calmness - check
  5. Hands - uncrossed arms, open gestures - check
  6. Feet - planted - check

Super, you look the part.  Now, what are you going to say?