Sweeten The Deal

Next week is Halloween, so why not put those dangerous, bite-sized candies to good use. 

Everyone loves candy!  Instead of plopping a bowl of candy on your desk for your team to snack on, have them earn it.

Idea:  Sweet Service - offer specific sweets for specific goals.

It could go something like this:

- Convince a customer to sign up for the season, or agree to monthly EFT payments that show their commit-mint.  Junior Mints

- Set up a customer's pre-buy for the year or automatic credit card payments. 100 Grand Bar

- Tell a funny joke and make the whole office chuckle.  Snickers

- Tactfully deal with a long-time customer who everyone has dealt with before and is a little ‘nuts’. Almond Joy

- Skillfully solve a problem in the office. Smarties

- WOW'd a customer, then they earned a break. Take 5

You get the idea!  If you've got others...please email me.  I love a good pun!

Have a Good 'n' Plenty Halloween.