Change your response...change your life!

Wow, that sounds good right?

Consider the last time you read an article, an email tip, or attended training.

Did you hear something you knew already?  Probably. 

Did it make you feel good, knowledgeable, validated, maybe even superior?  Ya, that happens to most of us.

But do you do it? 

For example:  When I hear that the best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than I take in.

Do I know this?  Yes.

Do I do this?  Well no, not consistently.

That second question is about taking action and using that knowledge. 

Next time you are sitting in training, or listening to your boss, team member, or client, don’t just congratulate yourself on what you knew.  Instead look for ways to DO what you are hearing.

Ask yourself  "do I do this?", "when should I do this?" and even "how will I do this?"

Those questions, compared to "do I know this?", will move you to act.