How people learn

How did you learn to do your job? Chances are it was through on-the-job experiences.

Here's the breakdown on how we learn;

10% from formal training (classroom, virtual, conferences, Ward Certified, etc)

20% from others  (coaching, mentoring, networking, professional associations)

70% from on-the-job experiences (job shadowing, delegation, project debriefs, stretch assignments)

What does this mean to you?  

If you send an employee to training (and please do!) have a conversation with them before they attend and when they return.  This is the best way to ensure they learn what you want them to learn and that it sticks.

This breakdown also highlights the importance of the coaching you do.  I know you are busy, but make time for those informal conversations that guide, direct and delegate.   Aim for 2 a day, start with your best performer and your worst. Move in on that list each day until you've covered the team, then repeat. 

Coaching is a great investment.  Guide performance now to avoid having to put out fires tomorrow.