The only thing not changing is change...

Chances are something in your office has changed; new computers, better phones, new pricing, different people or a new process for handling customers. You probably have some people that go with the flow and adapt easily to change; here are some tips to help with those who don’t.

  1. Make the case for change factually.  Explain why the changes are necessary.  Don't assume they know the cost or implications of not changing.  Make it obvious.
  2. Allow them time to share their concerns.  Acknowledge those concerns and return to your factual reason for the change.
  3. Present the big picture.  Show them how, in the long-run, this will be beneficial and remind them of that benefit along the path to change.
  4. Repeat.  Stick to your message, repeat your reasoning and apply pressure and even consequences to getting on board. 

#2 is the most important and hardest step.    Remind yourself that you might have resisted change at some point in your life too (moving, taking a new job, needing reading glasses, realizing that your pants really didn't shrink in the wash, discovering your kids do something better than you…) how long did you resist?  Did you need to discuss, vent or complain before you accepted it? 
Tip:  Read the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?”  This short fable adds perspective to the changes we are all facing or click here to watch it on youtube.