Must haves...

How important is structure and predictability to you? The more important it is, the less flexible you tend to be and the more the stress you will experience when change happens unexpectedly.

Consider the unusual weather so many of us are facing.  How have you reacted?

  1. Love it!  Messing with my routine adds challenge and adventure.
  2. Hate it! I had a plan, a meeting, a team, a process and the weather messed with that. It's annoying. 

If you chose #2, you might be adding stress to your day and even passing that along to your team. 

What if you changed your expectations from "must-haves" to "preferences".  For example.

I must have a good cup of coffee every morning becomes, I'd like to have a good cup of coffee.  When it happens you can be happy and grateful rather than simply meeting your expectations.

What expectation can you adjust today?