5 to 1

You've heard me say it before, so think of this as a friendly reminder.

One of the best ways to build a better relationship with your team is to express appreciation.  And research shows that the ratio of positive to negative interactions is 5:1.

Don't break out a spreadsheet and count five compliments before offering criticism, but do be mindful of the ratio.

Think about the paperclip rule:  Put 5 paperclips in your left pocket in the morning and every time you offer some positive feedback, move 1 paperclip to the right pocket.  This physical reminder can help you seeking out the good in what people are doing. The negative will come naturally. 

If you need help spotting the positive, look for;

- someone on the phone using a pleasant tone

- a team member who logs thorough notes

- a co-worker who comes in with a smile 

- someone who responds in a timely fashion to an email request

They are out there!  Turn your attention to the positive and you will find it.