Well, maybe this one time...

One of the biggest complaints employees have about Management is...drum roll...inconsistency.

I've heard comments like, "I don't know who is going to show up - happy, charming boss or cranky, intense boss."

I've also heard that "some people get away with things" that others don't.

Consistency and fairness builds loyalty and engagement.  That sounds good.  How can you do it?

Keep your tone and personality consistent.  That might mean taking a moment before you walk into the office to breathe and smile.

Make the rules clear and follow-through with each person.  Change the communication style to match the employee not the message.

If you are having trouble with one person and you sense it's because of your long standing (good or bad) relationship with them, role play conversations with a fellow manager.  Ask them to help you take the bias out of the conversation.


On another note...

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