Ya, I'm Gonna Need the TPS Report

Want somebody to do something for you? 
Consider these pointers...

Explain your request. Aim to be factual and avoid the words “you need to”.
Explain the why Adding the reasoning or sharing your goal adds logic and incentive.
Offer a choice. People like to feel in control. When you offer a choice or provide an option you allow them to feel in control.
Walk away. Walking away after giving them a choice gives them a chance to think, and that’s when the engagement clicks in.

Here's what it might sound like...

Before: “Sheldon you need to get that report to me today by 2pm”
After: “Hey Sheldon, the client is calling later today to see what numbers we came up with. That’s why the report is so important. Let me know if you want to talk to the client when they call at 2pm or if you want to give me the report before that and I’ll take the call”