Happy customers come from happy employees...

Last week I was running a session and we did an activity focused on motivation.  

Give it a try and if you like it, try it on your team.  

Step 1: Think about your 3 best days at work over the last year.

Go ahead, take your time.  

Step 2: Ok, now as you think about those 3 days, half-days, projects, presentations, interactions or moments, see if you identify the common theme.

Here are some themes others have discovered. Achievement, recognition, prestige of organization, pride in the work, responsibility, advancement, exposure, relationships, challenging assignments.

Do you see yours?  Wouldn't it be motivating to do more of that kind of work and less of the other?

Step 3:  Try it with your team.  Either individually or as a team.  Be sure to take notes!

If you want help identifying your theme or want to share how it worked for you, click the link or email me.

Guess what motivates me?  ....your feedback!