'Cause I said so

You will be asking your team to change something today, this week or this month. That's probably the only thing that's not changing.  Are you getting resistance?  

Why not try a little improv from the actor's studio.  Here's how it works.  In improv, whatever the other person says, you reply with yes and...  

This helps the actors work together to build a story and is more effective than blocking it with a no, or because I said so, or because 'they' say we have to.

You:  Hey team, starting today we are going to use blue paper for invoices. We've discovered that blue is a calming color and people will be faster to pay.  Using blue paper will save you some of the follow up calls you've told me you don't like.

Team:  What!  I like the white paper!

You:  Yes and white is a nice color.  Blue is more calming.

Team:  What will will do with all the leftover white paper?

You: Yes and I'm glad you brought that up.  Let's brainstorm some options.

That sounds more collaborative doesn't it?