Boo Y'all

I'm never one to miss an opprtunity to celebrate, so with Halloween just a week away why not set a short term goal with your team and reward the behavior you want to see more of.  

Idea of the month:  Sweet Service

Goal: Offer specific rewards for specific behavior.

How it works:  Outline your expectations and then deliver the prizes on Halloween.  You could even dress up to deliver them!

Here's a few ideas.  

Junior Mints for convincing a customer to sign-up for the season, or agree to monthly EFT payments that show their commit-mint.

100 Grand Bar for setting up a customer pre-buy for the year, or selling an add-on service.

Snickers  for  telling a funny joke that made the whole office chuckle. 

Almond Joy for tactfully dealing with a long-time, painful customer who some say is a little 'nuts'

Smarties for skillfully solving a problem in the office

Have a good and plenty week!

What other ideas do you have?  Please share!