70% of learning comes from on-the-job activities, 20% comes from coaching and feedback and only 10% comes from formal training.

Here’s a tip for that 20%. 

Consider the employee.  How long have they been on the task?  If they are new to the process then you’ll want to be more directive. 

Tell the employee what to do, have them job shadow, make time to observe them and definitely deliver positive feedback when they get it right.

I.e. “Here’s the greeting you should use”.

If they have been around awhile and know the task, then aim to support their efforts and ask questions to understand why they aren’t meeting the goal. 

Solve that issue instead. 

I.e. "How come you aren’t using the greeting?"

If you need numbers, here they are: 

Directive coaching:    4:1      you talk: employee talks

Supportive coaching:  1:4    you talk: employee talks