The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Recently handle a difficult customer situation? How did it go?

We get pumped when we handle it well and irritated when we couldn't turn them around. In both cases, we're anxious to tell someone about it.

  • If it was good - Bask in your super skills and share your story so that a colleague can acknowledge, throw flowers at your feet and perhaps learn a trick or technique.

  • If it was bad - Share your experience with the team and see if you can problem solve as a team.

  • If it was ugly - take a moment and let it out. Maybe a quick walk around the building, pop a few squats, squeeze a stress ball, or even vent to a colleague.

Venting is like the whistle on a kettle. It's designed to let you know a boiling point has been reached and it's time to let off steam. It doesn't make other kettles boil and it doesn't whistle for long, in fact, it stops when it is taken off the burner.

So be like a kettle, whistle, and vent when you need too, but then make a cup of tea and find a positive, productive way to cool down.

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